Your Perfect Gifting Guide this Wedding Season! #LoveCrafted

Wedding season has bloomed in technicolour and the crazy preps have already rolled into high gear. Everything from the outfit line-up to the sangeet dance steps is set, but the question still remains, ‘What to gift the newlyweds?’ With the ultra-evolved wedding scenario, the shagun envelopes don’t cut it anymore.

Multi-hued Floor Lamp

It’s vital that the gift you choose for the couple stepping into holy matrimony, not only remembers your gift endearingly but also uses it in their new life. The CuroCarte wedding collection has been specifically curated keeping in mind the gifting needs that come along with all of these celebrations.

Carved Magazine Holder

When you choose CuroCarte, you are not only picking up home decor to gift but giving something way more valuable. All of the artefacts at CuroCarte are created after intensive research of various art forms across the world and contemporizing them into something every day. Each of these creations are immaculately created and bring together bucket loads of legacy and history, be it, Orissa’s pattachitra or Manipur’s LongPi. The craftsmanship on each of these pieces literally holds a tiny piece of world heritage in itself.

Royal Lapiz Table Top

CuroCarte gifts will turn into conversation starters and each antique has a story to tell.