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Taking a stroll through the city is almost like losing yourself into the pages of a beautiful fairy tale with its elegant horse carriages, cobbled streets and palaces that are no less than architectural marvels. Like many other European cities, Vienna attracts throngs of visitors every year who fall in love with the city’s magic. However, it is possible to experience the lesser-known, quintessential elements of Vienna without having to fight your way through a crowd of enthusiastic tourists at the usual tourist attractions.
The Viennese appreciation for the finer things in life extends to everything that makes up the city what it is— including its vast array of restaurants, pubs, and quaint little cafes. A seasoned traveller, though, normally prefers an authentic Austrian menu. Hidden away in a quiet corner in the middle of the city lies the Buxbaum restaurant. A quintessential Austrian restaurant with a charming modern touch that pleases the pickiest of palates, Buxbaum is a great choice for a quiet, fulfilling lunch, alone or with a companion. The famous Weiner Schnitzel and a glass of the Grüner Veltliner is a perfect meal. The solid browns of the Buxbaum’s ambience, the delicate lavender of the flowers that decorate the tables and the bright smiles of the restaurant team add to the beauty of the experience, every time.
A vibrant city bursting with art and culture, Vienna exudes art in every nook and corner of the city. The trendy soul of this city is captured in several places, one of them being the OstLicht gallery for modern photography. A cool, hip gallery that exclusively exhibits contemporary works of art, the OstLicht stands discreetly in the trendy neighbourhood of Absberggasse. The history of this gallery too is quite unique— it used to be a bread factory once! Piqued your interest already? Its collection of photographs, marvellous architecture and contemporary yet stylish look and feel make this gallery one of the most popular yet quiet ones in Vienna.eninformationostlicht - photo Marco PauerEver fancied watching an old, charming film at a theatre that instantly transports you back a time long gone? If you’re soaking in the magic of a walk through the Margaretenst neighbourhood of Vienna, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon the famous yet discreet Filmcasino. A vintage theatre showing a selection of foreign films, Filmcasino is worth a visit for its classic interiors, charming and old films, and guests who have a discerning taste in cinema. Being seated in a comfortable chair while watching the curtains open on an old screen that is ready to showcase a foreign film that has made waves decades ago— sounds too good to be true, doesn’t itblog5-must-see-english-cinemas-vienna

The real beauty of Vienna, however, lies in the seamless blend of history, culture, art and contemporary living. The feeling of being a part of this city, for whatever time, is something that cannot be explained in words— being new and yet feeling like you belong, sightseeing and marvelling in the magic of every building, a walk with your thoughts along a cobbled, quaint street and perhaps a coffee in a café that overlooks the magnificent, neo-Gothic City Hall is what makes every visit to Vienna special.
Few places in the world can glide so seamlessly between the past and present. Truly, all it takes is a single visit, and one leaves a piece of their heart behind.ensightseeing

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