The Importance of Local Craftsmanship

Every item you buy for your home is backed with a strong sense of confidence— there’s nothing in the world that matches up to the elegance and style of your taste in décor. While it is easy to give into the next pretty looking mass-produced functional object on your weekly trip to the mall, there’s always a sense of impending dread— what if you find the same thing in your snooty neighbour’s home?

Your discerning taste demands only the finest, most exclusive handcrafted items that exude mystery, drama and pure class. Every luxury item you add to your home helps you feel special, helps you set yourself apart and helps you live a life you’ve always wanted to live.  It is, hence, wise to invest only in locally handcrafted products, since you always know they’re the ‘real deal’ and won’t be found anywhere else, making them more authentic than any other mass-produced item.

Local craftsmanship wood carving

Craftsmanship, particularly local craftsmanship, is the key to highlighting the uniqueness and exclusivity of everything we own. Not just someone who creates magic with his hands, a craftsman is an expert who pours his passion into creating the final product. While it is important for every handmade product to be able to blend into a modern, contemporary living space, it is also important for every item of your home décor collection to be unique, one-of-a-kind and truly mesmerising. Local craftsmanship is a very significant tangible of the world’s extremely rich cultural heritage, one that should be restored to its former glory, now that mass-produced products are dominating the global market.

The rich heritage that backs up local craftsmanship too, is an interesting aspect that everyone must know— several art forms and crafts date back thousands of years, and are secrets hidden within families. Have you ever imagined that an artefact on your table could actually be a rendition of a 4000-year old art, made by an 80-year old craftsman who learned the tricks of the trade from his father? The little dents on that vase in your window are a reflection of the artisan’s efforts— his hands moved in a particular direction only to create that spectacular object d’art that is flaunting gorgeous blooms in your home today. The little blots of colour in the motif of a bottle holder won’t be present on any other bottle holder in the entire world— the craftsman sitting in his little working area moved his fine brush in that manner, accidentally splattering a pin-sized blob of colour on the surface, only for you. Have you ever imagined that behind the dazzling beauty of that jewellery box on your dresser, lies the passion and love of an old artisan?

We at CuroCarte know what exclusivity means to you. We know your taste and personality desires a home that’s decorated with artefacts sourced from remote corners of the world, a reflection of your affliction of wanderlust and your love for good design. Handmade, handpicked objects are a combined effort of creativity, effort, passion and traditional methods, and a great means to explore your taste and style in interior design. Explore CuroCarte’s exclusive collection of handmade products today.




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