Tenmoku Pottery – New Handmade artefacts collection from the land of Rising Sun

We at CuroCarte are happy to present to you a range of home decor from ‘The land of the rising sun’, known for its precision, long-standing traditions, and artistic ingenuity. The thoughts that proceed the idea of Japan usually have something to do with their gorgeous tea ceremonies. It is no surprise that these bountiful ceremonies have led to some of the most innovative inventions in the way that ceramics are approached in today’s day and age. A craft that has intertwined itself with Japanese traditions so seamlessly that you cant remember one without the other. Tenmoku pottery although originated in China, worked its way to the Seto region of Japan and made a new identity for itself during the Kamakura period and rose to fame during the Muramachi period. 

This art form has traveled far and wide and has been attentively passed down from one generation to another in order to maintain its high standing stature amongst all other forms of pottery. These products are an amalgamation of all things Japanese. Pristine landscapes blended with long-standing artistic traditions to create this luxurious product range, that in entirety is a tribute to nature. Tenmoku pottery and porcelain require a specially formulated glaze that takes years and years to master, so as to transform its products into outstanding works of art. 

New Handmade artefacts collection from the land of Rising Sun

These Japanese artisans are known to have a very fine eye for detail, they also have a fantastic approach to art and design that thrives on dedication and years of practice. All these factors come through in a wholesome manner and evidently set their work apart. 

The artisans have to keep various components in mind while preparing these exclusive products. A special glaze is formulated depending on the color requirements of the product. Simultaneously the clay for the product is wheel thrown and gently shaped.  Once it reaches a semi-dry state it undergoes methodic etching of designs that are inspired by flora and fauna that tell stories about nature. When all these steps are completed the glaze is added to the product after which is goes through a long baking process that involves oxidation and reduction. 

The word “きれい”  (pronounced ‘kee-ray’) directly translates to ‘beautiful’ in Japanese a concept that the CuroCarte team strongly resonates with. We are always trying to share new techniques and artistry with you. We hope you enjoy looking through our catalog of handcrafted pieces. Ranging from elegant vases and ornate masks to traditional Tenmoku tea sets. 

Which items from our Tenmoku pottery collection are you looking to decorate your home with? Do let us know in the comments below, we would love to hear about your favorite pottery techniques. 

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