Spaces that tell a million stories : Decorating your interiors this Diwali.

Redecorate your home like a gallery

Ahh, it’s almost that time of the year again when we get to laugh, feast our senses and celebrate life abundantly! This Diwali the CuroCarte team would like to gift you the opportunity to build new relationships, with our artisans and their masterpieces.

The artisans at CuroCarte celebrate Diwali in a similar manner to all of us, by honoring family traditions, creating beautiful pieces of art by hand, and spreading the love by sharing their handcrafted wonders with you! By including these masterpieces to your interiors you will not only be adding undeniable charm to your home, but you will also be permanently intertwining the artisan’s stories with your own. Of course in doing so, you’ll be increasing the positivity in your spaces tenfold.

Hammered Pinchha

With a whole season of family get-togethers ahead of you, and your home as the center of attention, it’s easy to get overwhelmed while redecorating, the trick is to stay focused, and keep your eyes on the prize: Hosting Happiness!

Approach redecorating your home as a curator would a gallery, look at a space through their eyes. You’ll notice that once you do, you’ll find yourself attracted to pieces that have a sense of character, that have had a life of being molded into their form, and are master storytellers. Let your houseguests be captivated by your interiors.

Celestial blue Platter

Another great collection for Diwali decoration is our Longpi table and serve ware. Sophisticated tableware made with indigenous raw material and a technique that dates back centuries. Pair the Longpi curved kettle with the Inky Tea Glass set to start your evening off right foot and serve your guests a piping hot cup of tea.

Black Boat Platter

Adding depth to your dining areas is made ever so easy with our Celadon pottery pieces and their pastel hues. You can find them in various forms ranging from graceful flower vases to essential teapots. If you’re looking to spruce up your meals, then the serene flora vase is a plush way to add a gorgeous focal point to any dining table, by adding a fluid form amidst structured serve ware placements.
Elephant Family Tea set

Diwali is a festival of lights, happiness, and of course sweets. Display and share these delicious sweets in a grand style with the Celestial Blue Platter or a Gazania Leaf set to elevate the mood of any table setting while adding shimmery accents to your interiors. We recommend using similar motifs from our versatile range of serving sets to make a great impression on your loved ones on this special occasion.

Gazania Leaf set

Find the missing pieces to complete your Diwali look, and let the magic of the festive season unfold within your spaces.

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