Soulful Collection: Re-aligning your spaces!

Now more than ever before; artists, designers and makers have been presented with equal opportunity to set the agenda for a sustainable future as politicians and environmental scientists. This opportunity should be used to its fullest potential to widen the conversations on ecological sustainability and grow the movement.

After months of heartfelt collaborations, and fascinating new ideas we are ready to unveil a collection that is so close to our hearts. The ‘Soulful Collection’ has been brought to life because of an intrinsic need to bring about a change in the way we consume goods on a regular basis.

LongPi collection – Naturally healthy to consume liquid

We believe in conscious consumption. That is why we work only with artists who create ethically, and meticulously by hand. We at CuroCarte have taken on the duty to bring to our customer’s products that are ethically sourced and thoughtfully created while trying to maintain neutral in terms of our impact on the planet. These artists focus equally on capturing the beautiful possibilities and essence of one’s soul, reflected in vibrant colors and intricate designs.

We have come up with an exceptional range of products, branched under different categories to help you lead a more conscientious life. Our selections span a large variety of categories such as:-

  1. Soulfood :

These products are made with non-toxic, organic materials, the drinkware and dinnerware featured in this catalog offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, resulting in gorgeous home decor. With these creations you will serve your house guests refreshments they’ll be sure to remember!

  1. Soulful Wonder :

By the infinite splendor our Earth has to offer us, we passionately present a collection of rarities brought together to showcase the stylish collector in you! The makers of these fine products express originality like never witnessed before.

  1. Soulful Beauty :

We go back to our roots to bring you a compelling assortment of sustainable products close to earth and close to the soul.

Chess Set for intriguing hearts
  1. Soulmates :

A thoughtfully laid out table is the ideal way to start a meal. If you have been looking for ecological ways to redecorate your spaces then our stunning range of paired products is made for you!

  1. Soulful Expression :

Art has the ability to influence opinions, this is why we like to create an open platform for our artists. So that they have the ultimate freedom to express themselves through their art. These creations could range from eclectic vases to rustic tea sets but they are all masterpieces of the soul!

Somewhere along the line we have forgotten that we are all one heart vibrating to the same rhythm. With this campaign we are trying to remind ourselves and everyone around us that our place in history depends on the choices we make today. Therefore, we have decided to stand behind honest craftsmanship and sustainability.

The time to bring about a change is now! Will you step up the challenge? What do you do to lead a sustainable life? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments below! watches with
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