Remodelling creativity in the workspaces

At CuroCarte we are truly lucky to have employees that come from various backgrounds, possess innate talents and always surprise us with their creative knacks. We are constantly trying to remodel the concept of workspaces, by making ours as engaging and exciting as possible! We like to encourage our employees to express themselves and their limitless personal styles.  

CuroCarte has been built upon our core principle of inspiring customers through a combination of high-end craftsmanship, innovative designs and unique hand-touched products created with love. Our curators collaborate with talented artists from across the world to blend creative and cultural influences in home decor.  

Our main aim is to be able to recognize our teammates potential and help them refine it and go beyond their preset benchmark. A strategy that has proved itself bountiful time and again.  At our home office, we work on creating opportunities that require employee participation in order to connect individuals from different parts of the company and build overall team spirits. Along with these opportunities we also like to promote the culture of handmade activities amongst our staff. Where we challenge them to come up with unique and fascinating creative knacks. It helps all of us gain insight on the workings of our colleague’s minds, information that is so vital in creative fields such as ours.

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