5 Handmade Essentials for Your Home

Your home is your castle. A reflection of your personality and your lifestyle, your abode speaks volumes about the choices you make. If you’re someone with oodles of imagination with a flair for the artsy side of life, you can infuse your creativity with the little details around your house. Here are five fantastic pieces of art that double as practical objects your home absolutely must have!


Did you know that even a humble lamp could actually look like it has come straight out of a fairy tale? With a unique finish and an exquisite design, a leather lamp can do wonders for your room while satisfying the inner connoisseur in you. Not only does it look amazing by itself during the day, it also adds a vibrant touch to your room’s ambience.


Who knew a simple vase in your living room was once known as a symbol of wealth in ancient India? Perfect to keep those gorgeous blooms in, a handcrafted Bidri vase personifies style and sophistication. The best part about it though, is its striking metal inlay artwork, which makes the vase a highly prized addition to your décor.


Entertaining is an art in itself, and we suggest you crank it up a notch with a platter that’s just as artistic. And that’s where Longpi pottery saves the day! Its soothing hues, smooth texture, and unique shape complement the gourmet delicacies you dish out.


Coffee Mugs
We know your day doesn’t begin without a cuppa freshly brewed coffee, and we’ve found something that can make it even more amazing than what it already is (yes, it’s possible). With a mug that’s a testament to the mesmerising art of Celadon, every cup of coffee becomes a treat, visual and otherwise!

Tissue box

Tissue Boxes
We’re sure you didn’t see this coming. An artistic tissue box sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? This wooden box with brass inlay crafted with the fine art of Tarkashi begs to differ. Intricate, detailed geometric patterns etched into wood make this box a charming, vintage addition to your home. The next time you’re reaching out for a tissue, don’t be surprised if you find yourself awed at the sheer beauty of the box they come in!

Who knew you could satisfy the artist in you through something as basic as what we’ve mentioned above? As Hubert de Givenchy wisely stated, luxury is in each detail. Let your home’s little details reflect your creativity in every corner. To get hold of these exclusive, premium works of art and functionality for yourself, click here!



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