Introducing 5 artefacts that will ace up your Diwali decor

Though the traditions may differ from home to home, the general feeling around Diwali is the same everywhere. Bustling energy, excitement, and the laughter of loved ones. Entertain your guests with great verve while showcasing the artisan’s mastery, with the help of this list of essentials for the festival of lights.

Serveware :

This Diwali, mealtimes shouldn’t just be a treat for your taste buds. Feast your eyes on this impeccably stylish collection, brought to you by our artisans with love. Made from a versatile range of materials rooted in various traditions, these pieces can spruce up any table setting with ease! Our favourite this season is the Charcoal Boat Platter, a piece made in the traditional style of Longpi Pottery.




Lighting, one could say is the most important aspect of a home. Especially so during this festive season, with Diwali known as the festival of lights. Choose from an array of lamps in our catalogue to find one that fits your home best. One such piece is the Alum floor lamp which is made with such meticulous precision, to add an unparalleled elegance to any home!



Every room needs its focal points, certain spots that draw you in and mesmerize you. The artisans after a lot of dedication have created masterpieces to transform any home into a place of serene contemplation. These are especially good for when you feel overwhelmed by the world around you and just need to unwind. Be it our Celadon ceramic chess set, or our Phad paintings, you’ll never go wrong with these.


T light holders:

Create a different mood for each room. Using these agate T light holders to illuminate different corners of your house. Our Purple Hue T light holder is a crowd pleaser, with its vibrant colour, you can spot it from anywhere, like a precious crystal from a far-off land.




There’s no better way to add a breath of fresh air to old spaces, than with some fresh flowers. The vases in this range are made to directly compliment even the simplest interiors. You can change the complete look of a space with these artful creations that are made entirely by hand. The gold tone glass vase is a definite head turner, and the perfect gift idea for a loved one.



Style your home to reflect your personality, and bring about the Diwali cheer! Let us know in the comments below how you’re planning on styling your home this festive season.

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