Gifts to welcome new stories & new beginnings!

Marriage isn’t just about two souls joining hearts and hands but also about building a home and breathing life into it. A new couple is immensely invested in creating their own artsy abode and thoughtful wedding gifts and favors are always a welcome addition. Indian traditions are deep-rooted in tactful & logical methods and whether it may be wedding traditions or the legacy of arts & crafts, the intricacy and attention to detail are of the highest degree.

Rustic Dhokra Handle Tray

The world is evolving at a snappy pace and yet India has managed to hold on to it’s traditions & practices, all the while contemporizing it with just the right zeal and zest. Just the way, weddings are a refreshing blend of the old & the new, Indian craftsmanship is also reaching new heights of innovation and expertise while being rooted in ingenuity.

Ice Blue Lamp

Keeping the norms and heritage of a country like India, is crucial not only because of how rich and abundant they are but also because these are a vital part of the country’s identity. At CuroCarte, we attempt to do just that, by bringing forth the backbreaking efforts of the artisan, all the while reviving and refreshing the astute art forms and designs.

Sweet Pink Studio Tea Set

A CuroCarte product is a story in itself. It is a relic you would want to hold onto and the makings of an heirloom that you would want to pass down. With such high-voltage potential, and the onset of the wedding season in swing, your search for the perfect gift ends here. CuroCarte’s rich knowledge and research hand have left no stone unturned in setting forth the best mix of craft, design, quality and finesse.

What’s more? If our wide selection leaves you spoilt for choice, you can simply pick a gift card and let your loved ones take their pick. This wedding season, gift choice!

Giftcards from CuroCarte