Add bountiful creativity and romance to your space with French Finesse

France is an incredibly rich destination when it comes to artistic and cultural tourism, and rightfully so. People come from all over the globe to admire France’s architecture its resplendent art galleries, and the stunning architecture, its great artistic and cultural heritage in general. So it’s no big surprise that that one of the finest decorative ceramics came to life and evolved in France. French Porcelain, renowned for its graceful sheen, and exquisite motifs.

The secret behind French Porcelain’s prestigious reputation is the process of creating itself. It takes great skill and concentration. There are three main aspects that set French Porcelain apart from all other counterparts.

French Finesse: Vases, wall plates, bowls and much more
  1. The first one being that the raw materials used to make these masterpieces are all naturally occurring ingredients – Kaolin, feldspar, and quartz.
  2. Then the subtly beautiful translucence on the porcelain that is a result of an intense firing process, that makes the glaze impenetrable by external forces of nature.
  3. The evolution of style amongst the French artisans has been so progressive that it is unmatched, in terms of hard paste porcelain.
  4. Once the shape is set, the real work beings. The meticulous work of using special paints used on porcelain

This long process of creation is what makes French Porcelain a collectible, in most ceramic connoisseurs eyes. So when we say our latest collection is made up of one of a kind masterpieces, we really mean it.

French Porcelain is the definition of top quality porcelain, because of the long and arduous journey it has made – to transform into what it is now famous for. It is our ongoing mission to always strive for the best, and French Porcelain makes it to the top of our list always.

We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we enjoyed curating, designing and presenting it to you!

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Kindly share with us your favorite French Porcelain pieces, and how you use them to add grace and elegance to your spaces.

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