Five Essential Home Decor Items For this Monsoon

After a scorching summer, it’s finally that time of the year again. Where mother earth replenishes herself, and everything starts to look lush and bountiful again. To honor the coming of the glorious monsoon season, we have put together a guide of five essential home décor products for your home.

1. One of our favorites and go-to products include any of the perfectly decorated tea sets from the uniquely glazed Tenmoku pottery collection. The rarity of these tea sets originates from a high composition of iron oxides and other mineral oxides leading to a spectacular glaze which is a signature of this genre of pottery. Shades of blue and green found in these enchanting tea sets capture the bloom of nature during the rainy season.

2. Enjoying the sounds of the rain from the safety of your home is a satisfaction that can only be experienced not explained. Add a hot cup of tea to this pleasurable experience. Whether you are looking to start or end your day with a cup of tea, we suggest doing so with unmatched luxury and style by using our Tenmoku Glazed Rustic Tea Set or especially popular Ink Drawing Tea Set.

3. The next monsoon must-have is our Peacock Motif Lamp. There’s no denying that peacocks are some of the most beautiful animals on the planet, with their elaborate feathers and dance frequently seen during the rainy season. This designer lamp has a stunning pattern and illuminates the room with a warm yellow glow, reminiscent of the sun. OurGarden Glory Lamp Base is one of the finest examples of early Toleware products comprising of intricate floral patterns which require an eight-day preparation process. These lamps are designed to illuminate and elevate the atmosphere in your home and is a superb reminder of the gifts of nature that every monsoon brings. While there may be grey skies and cloudy weather outside, we guarantee these lamps will brighten up the indoors!

4. Our most sought-after showcase piece, the Greek Umbrella Stand is utility and elegance combined. As a trademark Toleware craft, the stand uses tin as its primary material source and requires a meticulous fifteen day preparation period to achieve the stylized narrative of Greek mythology in its design. An umbrella stand of this caliber is sure to stand out as a masterpiece, especially if placed strategically near the front door – the best place for an umbrella stand and a sight to behold every time you enter and leave your home. As eye-catching as our Greek Umbrella Stand is, don’t forget to carry your umbrella!

5. Last but not least, we present you a White Chocolate Vase influenced by Studio Pottery, a style born from artists that preferred to venture outside of traditional techniques and experimented with their materials. Studio Pottery in India was started by Rabindranath Tagore in Shanti Niketan. These works blend together all of nature’s elements and earthen textures through the use of minced clay and ashed glaze; the mud-white color of our vase adds a dreamy effect to your spaces, matching the tranquility of rainfall.


The Greek Umbrella Stand is one of our personal favorites and a statement piece for these months of monsoon, which product from our catalog is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments below!

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