Experience Portuguese craftsmanship

Portugal is a warm and receptive country that showcases centuries’ worth of history and tradition along with its compact cobble stoned streets. The Portugal experience may be many things, however, the blissful scenery is just the beginning. Below the surface lies a thriving center of arts and culture, that effortlessly blends traditional heritage, with striking modernism and progressive thinking.

Traveling through this gorgeous country one finds exceptionally glazed tiles everywhere – prevalent in churches, homes, palaces or even in the gardens. The people of Portugal are identified with their creations and have been working with clay for generations now, it is a part of their identity.

Before establishing a distinct style, Portuguese craftsmanship found its roots in Arabic and Roman cultural influences. Some of these subtle influences, especially in shape and technique, are deeply embedded in the modern motifs present today. With generally neutral tones and assertive blue hues, Portuguese Azulejo ceramics are hard to miss and have a rife presence on nearly every street in Lisbon!

The rich cultural history of the area remained a source of inspiration to the potters of the region resulting in these beautifully glazed pieces that are produced manually by Portuguese craftsmen. With this collection, we have worked alongside prestigious and innovative collaborators across a range of inspirations. With shapes and forms of the pottery, the stylistic paintings and motifs that adorn the hand thrown clay pieces are all influenced by the art of those numerous civilizations that prevailed in the region.

It was (and still is) typical for the Portuguese to tell stories about their history, religion, and culture through these decorative means; they soon became pieces of public artwork, because they were available everywhere, from people’s homes to local churches, restaurants, bars, and neighborhood get together spots.

Love to tell stories? For the perfect conversation starter explore our elaborate new collection, that offers traditionalist methods with a modern twist; to find the most balanced piece to adorn your spaces and add an extravagant ambiance to your home.

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