A Moment in Miniature Paintings

A moment captured in art is a moment immortalized. It stays there, suspended in time, untouched by the present, caressing onlookers with grandeurs of the past. We believe every piece of art is a testament to this and miniature paintings are no exception.AAINUDSIPA0000012-h-90When times were simpler, miniature paintings were a pivotal tool in recording all important events. These records bring back a distant past in all its splendor. Kings only summoned an excellent wielder of the paint brush, to an event of significance. As history has it, a child of excellence and impeccable craftsmanship is born, a timeless piece of art.PHINUDSIPA0000022-h-100

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of strolling through the corridors of the Jodhpur palace, you’d be enticed in the sheer detail of the miniature paintings depicting the war, the love and the lifestyle of a now forgotten Rajput kingdom.
There’s a reason why these paintings are called Miniature Paintings. It’s because they’re small and yet, colossally detailed. The intricacies in these paintings are well translated through a unique brush made from squirrel hair. These paintings, originally, were meant to fit the palm of your hand.


Now, if you were to ever get your hands on one of these paintings, it’s not something just to be paraded. Be warned, you hold in your possession a piece of eternal beauty, unhinged by the fallacies of today. Framing is strongly advised.

You could browse through the collection of Miniature Paintings here:  https://www.curocarte.com/in/countries/india/miniature-paintings.html