A Guide to Blending Classic and Contemporary Design Styles in Home Décor

Author Wendy Wunder once said, “The magic about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.” Your living space not only defines your style but is also a reflection of your personality. They say that opposites attract, and this holds true in terms of design styles, too. Decorating (or redecorating!) your home with different design styles is not only exciting, and if given appropriate thought, can give it a very upscale, sophisticated and trendy look.
For those who love to experiment with design styles in home décor but swear by classic and traditional trends, here is a guide to blending classic and contemporary design styles in home décor.
For an eclectic and elegant living room, elegance, minimalism and subtly trendy design styles are the key. Blend vintage furniture in solid browns or soft beige with linen sheets in contrasting colours and patterns. A traditional painting placed on the wall and a beautiful, contemporary vase that displays an array of fresh flowers add to this striking yet interesting contrast of design styles.
CuroCarte suggests:
62                                                                 Studio Pottery Vase

PATCHWORK0105 copy                                                                           Patchwork

While the major focus of home décor in the kitchen is always functionality, there’s no reason why it can’t incorporate design, too. Pair your state-of-the-art modern kitchen appliances with a large dining table with a designer table top and vintage chrome chairs. Kitchen and bar accessories can be used to blend classic and contemporary, too. An antique wine bottle holder is both elegant and functional and is a great way to flaunt your wine collection.
CuroCarte suggests: Mood Shots-52674                                                             Marble Inlay Table top

288                                                          Antique Wine Bottle Holder
The bedroom is perhaps the most personal room in the house and is a direct illustration of your emotions, your thoughts and your personality. Play with colours in your bedroom to create the perfect blend of vintage and modern design style. Creamy white walls with linen curtains in vibrant, bright colours elevate the trend factor of your décor in an instant. An addition of unique bedroom accessories like an artistic lamp with vivid detailing, a jewellery box with intricate motifs or a mesmerising animal decorative will give the room a hint of culture and tradition. For a more playful touch, you can even add a quirky wall hanging that merges contemporary design with a traditional art form.
CuroCarte suggests: 39                                                                    Leather Lamp

41                                                                   Papier mâché box


Homes that layer in different design styles look dramatic, interesting, and have a turn-of-the-century look and feel without compromising on functionality and utility. Look at some more accessories to help you blend classic and contemporary design styles in your home here: www.curocarte.com




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