6 Must-Try Gifting Ideas

The festive season is upon us, and so is the time to shower our loved ones with gifts that reflect your affection and gratitude for them. However, gifting in the modern age has become very impersonal— the anonymous and typical box of sweets doesn’t specifically say that you care, or that you’re thinking about someone. To change that, we at CuroCarte have listed seven completely original gifting ideas for you, especially for this festive season. Here’s a brilliant chance for you to show how much you care!


A Marble Inlay T-Light Holder

Lighting beautiful lights during Diwali is a given, isn’t it? This year, choose to light up the life of someone you love (pun unintended!) with a fabulous Marble Inlay T-Light holder that will uplift the festive atmosphere in an instant. Its intricate motifs and regal demeanour suit the occasion, and suit your loved ones’ classy taste and choice.

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A Patchwork Wall Art
Diwali is a colourful, vibrant time. This year, why not gift someone who matters to you a wall hanging that shines with creativity and bright colours? Blending the traditional art of Patchwork with élan, this beautiful work of art will definitely reflect your affection, respect and love for the recipient.


A Dhokra Tray
Is anyone on your gifting list a whiz in the kitchen? Does cooking, creating and making everyone around make him or her really happy? If you’re nodding in response, choose to gift them a beautiful Dhokra tray this Diwali. Displaying stunning Dhokra figurines in a shimmering colour on smooth, gleaming wood, this tray will become the highlight of their kitchen accessories, we promise!


A Leather Lamp
Wait, don’t shrug the idea off as a typical one! Leather lamps are a must-have for every home, and their creativity, vibrant colours and beautiful motifs make them a great gifting option. Make a style statement with something that is this unique, while still embodying the spirit of Diwali.


An Agate Candleholder
Chic gifts that exude the essence of the festival are the best kinds, we say! An Agate candleholder is all kinds of wonderful and makes for a great gift for your loved ones. An unusual shape, earthy hues and a unique design— what’s not to like?
PS: You know you won’t be able to help smiling every time you see a candle quietly glowing in the Agate holder!



A Glasswork Votive< With it being the festive season, it is only to be expected that you plan your gifting around the theme of lights and lighting. This year, go a step further and choose a crackled glasswork votive to light up the home of your loved ones. With its rich array of colours and sophisticated motifs on crackled glass, this is one of the best gifts your loved ones can receive— and that’s no idle compliment!/p>

Diwali is one of the most vibrant times of the year. This festive season, choose to celebrate the festival of lights in a sparkling, unique and totally original manner. These gifting ideas are sure to earn you oodles of appreciation and gratitude for the rest of the year! Dazzle your loved ones with the CuroCarte Insignia collection now. Check it out here!



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