5 Ways to Encompass the World in Your Home

The soul of a wanderer knows what it is to explore exotic places around the world. Afflicted by the beautiful condition known as wanderlust, it is always on the lookout for new places to discover, new people to meet and new things to learn.

However, our busy lives and even busier schedules make it practically impossible for us to let our inner wanderer experience all the magic of travelling to unseen corners of the world. You satisfy your inner self by looking at older photographs, listening to other people describe their stories, or simply daydreaming about the time you will finally undertake that solo trip you’ve been waiting for!

CuroCarte knows and understands that your soul wants to soak in culture and beauty from around the world, and we have handpicked five major ways you can bring this experience of wanderlust to your own home. Read on to find out!


Decorate Your Kitchen with Celadon from Thailand
A craft from the exotic country of Thailand, Celadon products are beautiful ceramic objects with an elegant finish. Originally from China, Celadon spread to Thailand sometime between 1300- 1500. With their unusual shapes and glazing hues, Celadon products are the perfect accessories for a contemporary kitchen. Give your kitchen a makeover with Celadon and feel the essence of Thailand in every corner!


Ornament Your Living Room with Koftgiri from India
India’s royal heritage has spun fascinating tales of history in every corner of the country. Bring home a part of the country’s legacy with a Koftgiri dagger embellishing your living room. Its intricate gold and silver inlaying and delicate motifs add an elegant touch of royalty to your home. Let your living room display a slice of Indian heritage with this exquisite weaponry on your wall.

Bali Painting

Let your Bedroom Sing Exotic Tunes With Paintings from Bali
Paintings brighten up any room with colour, vibrancy, and cheerfulness. Experience the joy of the picturesque island of Bali with Balinese paintings that elevate the happiness quotient of your bedroom. A Hindu-Javanese art that spread in Bali around the 14th century, Balinese paintings are made up of bright colours, exotic designs, and vivid motifs. Let the wandering spirit within you soak itself in the beauty of an exotic island, in the comfort of your own bedroom!

Ha Thai

Elevate Your Dinner Setting With Ha Thai from Vietnam
Elegance defines your dinner setting. Elevate its sophistication with Ha Thai products from the enchanting country of Vietnam. Lacquerware that dates back to almost 2000 years, Ha Thai products reflect style, individuality and poise. A representation of Vietnam’s spirit, Ha Thai products will definitely take you across the world in just a glance. Have you tried gazing at a gorgeous Ha Thai wine bottle holder yet?


Give Your Study A Japanese Twist With Raku Pottery from Japan
An art with Japanese origins, Raku is today practiced around the world, making it an art that embodies the essence of Japan, England and Australia, among other countries. Bring the essence of this unique combination to your study or library with Raku pottery charmingly decorating the space. Its earthy hues and unconventional, offbeat shapes make it the perfect art that satiates your wanderlust.

Our busy lives may or may not give us the time to travel and explore as much as we’d like, and our memories and pictures may not be enough for us to feel we encompass the world in our home. CuroCarte makes it a lot easier! To encompass the world in your own home, explore CuroCarte’s enchanting collection of handmade and design-oriented utility products today.



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