5 simple steps that every workspace can take to reduce damage to the environment

CuroCarte is at the vanguard of the sustainability movement this year and what better place to spread this earth-friendly message than at our very own workplace! Here’s how we celebrated one super green week leading up to Environment Day 2018:

1. Challenging the team: The week started off focusing on challenging every member of our dedicated team to visibly transform their immediate spaces. The only guidelines we provided them were to bring about an eco-friendly change by the adoption of sustainable products but most importantly to: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink. We are delighted to announce this engaging activity saw some of our favorite green lifestyle alterations!

Planters at every desk

2. Eco-friendly Workspace: Our team made a few collective decisions to make the office more eco-friendly. Along with agreeing to use less paper for printing and taking notes, there was a decision to being using more eco-friendly bottles. Members of the office switched to glass and clay bottles (the latter from CuroCarte’s own collection!) in lieu of plastic bottle.

Adopting Clay Bottles instead of Plastic water bottle

The next step in our remodel involved nature itself – we brought in a wide variety of small plant pots to place on desks all over the office spaces. We recommend this as an instant day brightener and an organic remedy from Earth itself.

The team’s most formidable achievement involved switching off air conditioning systems for over two hours each day in an effort to encourage efficient use of energy both at the workplace and outside.


3. Wear Natural fabrics : Following our workplace changes, the first of June saw everyone at the office commit to Natural Fabric Day. The entire team arrived at work wearing fashionable and eco-friendly fabrics such as khadi, cotton, jute, and silk amongst others. We recommend recycling or donating old clothes and repairing damaged ones rather than throwing them away.


4. Best out of the waste : We also hosted a Do-It-Yourself event that involved being innovative with waste products we had collected throughout the week. A very popular event amongst the team, we saw creations  including mobile covers made out of eco-friendly materials! Demons explaining the hazard of nature were created to promote the sense of damage environment is going through everyday.

Waste Demon created out of the waste. Demon signified the damage we make everyday to the environment


5. Recycle the daily waste: By the fourth of June, we had already made considerable strides towards being more eco-friendly. However, there is always room for more and we decided to sign off the entire week of celebration in a grand manner: by implementing our very own waste collection system. We encouraged the team to bring waste from home as well as from around the office and place it in a bin for collection. A big thank you to our friends at the NGO and recycling center Raddi Connect for collecting this waste; we can confidently say this system will be followed on a regular basis!

We invite you to spread awareness and help us Beat Plastic Pollution across social media; however, more importantly, our team personally requests you to start advocating recycling and using recycled materials wherever possible. Are you ready to take the Green Pledge? Let us know in the comments below and please do share your very own tips on how we can Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink!

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