5 Signs You Are a Lamp Person


You don’t know what you’re missing out on if you’ve never been a lamp person. It’s like having an open window that throws light at your will. A softly gleaming source of romantic light, your lamp is your accomplice in every corner of the house— your living room, beside your bed, or even on your desk.

Being a lamp person isn’t always easy, especially if others around you fail to understand what the big deal really is. Here are 5 major signs you’re a lamp person, and wouldn’t ever choose to be otherwise!

You Can’t Stand Bright White Lighting

If there’s a choice between soft romantic lighting and bright white lighting that makes you squint, why wouldn’t anyone pick the former? You advocate the use of your charming lamp in most situations, and involuntarily get annoyed when anyone turns on the bright white light!

Reading Late Into The Night Becomes Your Favourite Pastime

When there’s a soft ray of yellow light falling onto the pages of your exciting book, reading late into the night becomes something to look forward to. It creates a cosy, warm atmosphere that reading demands, and is perfect for gently falling off to sleep while you’re reading— who needs to get up and switch off the bright white light?

Home Décor = Lamps

When you go shopping for home décor, you inadvertently walk towards the section that says lamps. You spend hours looking at the different kinds of lamps that the store has to offer, the designs you like, and think about all the different places you’d want keep them. For you, home décor equals lamps. You can settle for any type of couch or table, but when it comes to a lamp, you never buy a lamp that doesn’t remotely match your taste!

For You, The Flick Of A Switch Is A Mood Changer

After a long, hard day at work, the only thing you really look forward to is relaxing in your room with some dim, warm lighting for company. For you, bright white lighting just adds to the day’s stress, but your lamp’s beautiful lighting is a mood changer. Nap time, anyone?

You Don’t Need Artificial Filters for Your Selfies

They say photography is writing with light. Let’s face it— your selfies taken at home never need any filters, because they’re all clicked in warm, romantic lighting that just brings out the beautiful side of you! Every time anyone compliments you on your great picture, you know your lamp’s got your back!

Like we said before, you have no idea what you’re missing out on if you’ve never fallen in love with a lamp. An open window, a romantic companion, and an accomplice rolled into one, your lamp is an integral part of your home, and your life! If you’re a lamp person and would like to celebrate this beautifully unique obsession, check out CuroCarte’s wide range of lamps today. A brilliant combination of aesthetics and utility, these lamps not only fulfil all the aforementioned criterion, but also reflect your sense of individuality and style.

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